Lithuania based NPK blending company

About Us

Rotogran is a company operating in the fertilizer blending sector.

As a relatively small company, we can offer our customers flexibility and speed, which is rarely possible with big factories. With the operating NPK blending line, we can offer  almost unlimited variety of NPK formulas. A competent and experienced team in the field of fertilizers allows us to understand better customer needs and market trends, which results in quick and easy communication.

What we do

The production of NPK blends is only one of the business areas – we communicate with many partners, so we can offer not only our own blends but also products from other manufacturers. Most of the raw material for blends is shipped in granular form, so products such as DAP18-46, MAP12-52, Potassium chloride or Urea can often be offered to the customer as a mono product.

Another advantage of Rotogran is its geographical location: we are almost in the center of Lithuania – in Kaunas, 100 km to the border of Poland. We can offer our customers fertilizer reloading services from / to wagons/trucks and bulk product prepackaging. Our warehouse has a railway branch inside the premises, which allows us to work with fertilizer without contacting outside conditions